Begin Blogging

After numerous false starts in blogging, I am hoping to keep this one going.

I suppose the reason behind the false starts is that previous efforts have been subject based with a very narrow focus.  The problem with going down this sort of path is that when your hobbies and/or ideals change, the blog becomes pointless.

This time should be different and will be a bit of a history as things change in my life, so who knows where it will go.  No doubt I will end up contradicting myself years down the track on something that I mention today.

What will you expect to see in this blog?  Well there will be a bit of technology (probably a very diverse range), hobbies, volunteering, bikes, 4WDs and maybe some hiking (note to self: add more things when they enter your grey matter).

I have a Links page that I will add to as I come across items that are of common reference to me or things that I am working on.  Hope that might help you find things that I find valuable.