freebsd-update 13.0 caveats

By: Jason Tubnor @tubsta We have been performing some extensive and edge case updates from FreeBSD versions earlier than 13.0. While in most cases, there have been no issues and most users will have a smooth upgrade process when we finally have 13.0-RELEASE hit but there are some issues that we hit which will need […]

XFCE4 desktop with web browser
FreeBSD 13.0 – Full Desktop Experience

By: Jason Tubnor @tubsta With the release of FreeBSD 13.0 on the horizon, I wanted to see how it shapes up on my Lenovo T450 laptop.  Previous major releases on this laptop, using it as a workstation, felt very rough around the edges but with 13, it feels like the developers got it right. I […]

Camera SD card under OpenBSD

As file sizes increasingly become bigger in cameras such as Go Pro and Canon EOS D, the FAT file system has become unfit for purpose.  As such, instead of looking to an open source file system (probably due to no support in the Windows or Mac platforms), these camera manufacturers have just done a bump […]

OpenBSD and SNMPd

OpenBSD comes with a SNMP v2c and v3 daemon in base.  Simplistic and privileged separated, this SNMP service is easy to configure and secure – putting Simple, backing into Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Recently, I have needed to flick on snmpd(8) to provide data to the Cacti logging service.  The default configuration in /etc/examples/snmpd.conf […]

Swiffy plugin for WordPress

I have just moved a WordPress instance from a standard cPanel installation, into a custom OpenBSD host.  Everything ran smoothly from a data point of view but when I went to test the installation I got a 500 error.  Turning on php error logging gave me the information I needed to start debugging the issue.

OpenBSD on Digital Ocean

For OpenBSD users, it has been pretty disappointing that Digital Ocean didn’t launch other BSDs with introduction of FreeBSD, even though the technical barrier had been removed to allow it. Today, I thought I’d try doing an OpenBSD load again (I have tried before without success due to CPU feature issues) and the results were […]

OpenBSD audio in virtualisation

While some use the documentation correctly and search the mailing lists, sometimes the answers don’t come up correctly due to formatting or google having issues indexing. As I use OpenBSD more and more as a daily driver (be it still in VMWare Workstation on one machine and Virtual Box on the other), I still don’t […]

py-boto and LibreSSL

Having just recently performed an upgrade of OpenBSD 5.6 to OpenBSD 5.7, duplicity (my backup tool), stopped working for no apparent reason. At first, I thought it had something to do with the 0.6 branch becoming deprecated, but in the end I found out that this was just a warning message.

Boto for Python Issues

Using a few utilities in the past couple of days, I have noticed a few issues with boto either ignoring the AWS variables or not addressing buckets correctly.

Hard Drive Sanitisation

I often get asked the best way to securely erase a disk or what to use to ensure that a disk has been sanitised to DoD 5220-22-M. A reasonable way to achieve this would be: dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s2 bs=10k or dd if=/dev/arandom of=/dev/r#d#c bs=10k This will ensure that random (not completely random, but good enough) […]