Swiffy plugin for WordPress

I have just moved a WordPress instance from a standard cPanel installation, into a custom OpenBSD host.  Everything ran smoothly from a data point of view but when I went to test the installation I got a 500 error.  Turning on php error logging gave me the information I needed to start debugging the issue.

The error that appeared was:

syntax error unexpected end of file html5-swiffy-insert.php on line 82

This is related to the SWF to html5 converter plugin for WordPress (html5-swiffy-insert).  While nothing looked out of the ordinary in the html-swiffy-insert.php file, I decided to delete the plugin and re-install.  I got the same issue when I tried to enable it.

Scanning through the file, I thought there might be an issue with explicit checking of the <?php and ?>.  There was and it wasn’t being picked up on the other cPanel hosting.  On line 48 there was:


and it really should have:


Save the file and you can then enable the plugin.