OpenBSD 5.7 Released

The start of May is the release time for yet another edition of OpenBSD and 2015 brings the release of OpenBSD 5.7.  This edition brings some excellent hardware support that will improve the users experience with the operating system, a range of installer improvements, removal of Nginx and Sendmail from the base, IPv6 has been […]

Tubsta house finally goes solar

The time was right to finally go with a solar array on the Tubsta household.  Prices have come down significantly and with NSW turning the tap off on their very lucrative feed-in tariffs (FITs), the market was awash with heavily discounted, high quality gear.

Telstra extra mobile coverage Warragul – Thank You

We have been living in Warragul, VIC for over 18 months and during that time it has really been pointless in having a mobile phone at home (well our home and the surrounding area).  The signal was extremely weak from the two towers that covered town due to the land topography. Congestion was also a […]