Tubsta house finally goes solar

The time was right to finally go with a solar array on the Tubsta household.  Prices have come down significantly and with NSW turning the tap off on their very lucrative feed-in tariffs (FITs), the market was awash with heavily discounted, high quality gear.We wanted a local installer or one that was reasonably close and one that had a reputation of quality products and not just trying to push the units that had the highest profit margins.

After much research on Whirlpool and through the local papers, with one installer failing to call me back (his big loss), Google came to the rescue and I had Gippsland Solar come out and work out a system that was suitable to completely off-set our annual power use.

With a very efficient turn around in coming out for a site inspection with a follow-up quote, Ms. Tubsta and myself chewed over the price of the installation.  A day before we were going to make our decision, the Victorian government decided to drop their FIT from 25c to 0c for any system that didn’t have their paper work in by the 30 September 2012.  So, again, we see another conservative government decided that the best action for climate change is no action, but I digress.

Right at that moment, we decided to make the decision to get it and push Gippsland Solar to have it installed and paperwork submitted by the deadline.  This was the 3rd of September.

To cut a long story short and a lot of time on the phone and email, we had our system installed and paperwork submitted and confirmed by SP Ausnet with 12 days to spare.  Credit where credit is due, Gippsland solar pulled out all stops to have our system installed.