Windows 8 has been released

All the news around the webs states that Windows 8 has been released.  I was meaning to get down to Harvey Norman for the midnight launch (something that I did back when Windows 95 hit the streets) but funnily enough, I forgot.

No big deal really, the internet reminded me, so I went to the Microsoft Windows 8 website to check out how much they were selling upgrades for.  I was floored straight away, a total of $40 and a bit of my bandwidth, it was mine.

Go impulse buying at its best.

One would have to say, that this is the best strategy for Microsoft, not only is it they got one sale (and another pending for my wife’s computer), they made it simple and cost effective.  This should lead to a lot less piracy and more early adopters.  From purchase to ‘ready to install’ took around about 40 minutes as I just did it between work and was probably one of the easiest software purchases I have made on-line.

I hadn’t thought about updating to Windows 8, at least for a while and I was even looking at moving to Linux.  But at $40, it was an upgrade too good to be missed.

So Microsoft, well done, you have kept a customer!