Logitech C920 HD Camera – Tips and Tricks

I am starting a new project which needed a better quality webcam (vodcast) so I have been looking around a bit and eventually came across a local supplier that had a great deal on the Logitech C920 HD Webcam.

Out of the box, it is a pretty decent webcam but I wouldn’t give it to higher status even though it is 1080p.To get it working, you could just plug it in and away you go, however, it is suggested if you want to make good use of all the features and functions on it, you are best to head over to the Logitech site (for Windows 7 at least) and download the latest driver pack.

For physical installation. don’t plug it into a USB hub.  The data flow seems to be enough to flood the hub and make the picture jump in Skype.  I thought there was something wrong with the drivers and/or the camera.  Just by pure luck I decided to give it a go in a root USB port because I had a spare port on the laptop.  This  fixed the issue and I now know for future use.

A couple of more points  to note:

  • More light reflecting off the object (i.e you) the better and sharper the image will be.
  • Make sure you turn off auto focus.  Any movement tends to make it work, though it doesn’t know what to focus on or correctly focus.

I hope the information above can help others out there looking for a reasonable quality webcam that is better than the stockers that seem to come in notebook screens these days.