OpenBSD 5.7 Released

The start of May is the release time for yet another edition of OpenBSD and 2015 brings the release of OpenBSD 5.7.  This edition brings some excellent hardware support that will improve the users experience with the operating system, a range of installer improvements, removal of Nginx and Sendmail from the base, IPv6 has been further integrated into the kernel and a large range of security improvements. Continue reading “OpenBSD 5.7 Released”

OpenBSD on Digital Ocean

For OpenBSD users, it has been pretty disappointing that Digital Ocean didn’t launch other BSDs with introduction of FreeBSD, even though the technical barrier had been removed to allow it.

Today, I thought I’d try doing an OpenBSD load again (I have tried before without success due to CPU feature issues) and the results were pleasing – you can now enjoy OpenBSD on Digital Ocean. Continue reading “OpenBSD on Digital Ocean”

OpenBSD audio in virtualisation

While some use the documentation correctly and search the mailing lists, sometimes the answers don’t come up correctly due to formatting or google having issues indexing.

As I use OpenBSD more and more as a daily driver (be it still in VMWare Workstation on one machine and Virtual Box on the other), I still don’t have it on raw workstation hardware.  I want my audio and video to work but out of the box on the above platforms, but my audio was either sketchy or non-existent. Continue reading “OpenBSD audio in virtualisation”

Ford Fiesta/Focus Oil Change Light – Reset

It appears that Ford Australia and the dealer servicing network are forgetful when it comes to resetting the oil change light when a vehicle is in for service.  It makes you wonder if they actually did anything when they service your vehicle – they probably forget to even change the oil.  Lets just say, for the price you pay for a service, you think that something this simple would be done like clockwork.

So this time instead of going out of our way to visit the dealer to have it reset again, I thought i’d just Google to see if anyone else has either had this issue or has worked out how to reset it because they service their vehicle themselves. Continue reading “Ford Fiesta/Focus Oil Change Light – Reset”