ownCloud 4.5 Installed

With the whole Google Reader issue (not that I am a user), I got think – some of the facilities that I use on the internet could be taken away, without notice or have an ability to extract my data out of the applications. It was time that I took some things seriously and roll […]

South Australia Tour 2011

It has taken a while to find the spare time to edit and produce this clip.  It took around 60 hours of work from a rough guess. We had an excellent time in the Australian outback and just doing this video brought all the memories back as if it was just a couple of months […]

Nginx in OpenBSD 5.2-Release

Nginx(8) is the replacement web server for the old patched Apache 1.3 in OpenBSD.  As of OpenBSD 5.2, Nginx(8) is still not the primary [default] web server in the BSD release and allows for users to slowly migrate from Apache to Nginx(8) without additional  package install.

Windows 8 has been released

All the news around the webs states that Windows 8 has been released.  I was meaning to get down to Harvey Norman for the midnight launch (something that I did back when Windows 95 hit the streets) but funnily enough, I forgot. No big deal really, the internet reminded me, so I went to the […]

Tubsta house finally goes solar

The time was right to finally go with a solar array on the Tubsta household.  Prices have come down significantly and with NSW turning the tap off on their very lucrative feed-in tariffs (FITs), the market was awash with heavily discounted, high quality gear.

OpenBSD 5.2 pre-orders are up

The OpenBSD project has announced that pre-orders for the up coming 5.2 release of the operating system are now on-line.  The release is due to hit shelves and mirrors on 1 November, 2012. The inexpensive 3-CD sets of OpenBSD 5.2 are $50CDN, Posters $2oCDN and T-Shirts $25CDN.  While you are there, you can also make […]

Logitech C920 HD Camera – Tips and Tricks

I am starting a new project which needed a better quality webcam (vodcast) so I have been looking around a bit and eventually came across a local supplier that had a great deal on the Logitech C920 HD Webcam. Out of the box, it is a pretty decent webcam but I wouldn’t give it to […]

Sorry Dick Smith – You’re not 100% correct

I was reading an article on a blog that appears to be a new outlet for Dick Smith called Australia What is the Real cost of Shopping at Costco & Aldi.  I have sat on this for the last couple of days just making sure I really thought about what to write before shooting my mouth […]

Telstra extra mobile coverage Warragul – Thank You

We have been living in Warragul, VIC for over 18 months and during that time it has really been pointless in having a mobile phone at home (well our home and the surrounding area).  The signal was extremely weak from the two towers that covered town due to the land topography. Congestion was also a […]

OpenBSD 5.1 Released…

Yes, I know, OpenBSD 5.1 has been released since 1 May 2012, however my blog wasn’t up then.  It did get a mention on my Twitter and G+ pages so all is not lost. I highly recommend supporting the project by buying a CD release or making a donation.  While you are waiting for your […]